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Wall Art Stickers, Wall Decals & Wall Tattoos

We are Wall Art Studios in South Africa and what we do is create gorgeous vinyl wall stickers, decals and tattoos using inspiration from our imaginations and from yours!

Wall art stickers, decals and tattoos bring an incredible design element to absolutely any room in the home. Gone are the days when walls could wear nothing but paint and the odd mirror or artwork. With our wall art stickers, you can add a dimension to your home’s aesthetic to give it real dynamism and personality!

Wall Art Ideas and Inspirations

Babies’ and kids’ bedrooms and playrooms are an obvious place to start with our whimsical, fun and colourful wall art stickers of animals, trees, Dr. Seuss quotes and favourite cartoon and comic book characters. You can then lace your whole home with exciting design statements, like our maps and landmarks wall art decals or perhaps our sports and gaming stickers.

We create a host of great designs for hobby rooms, family rooms, “man caves” and gaming rooms, as well as softer, subtler elements for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Our wall art decals and stickers are also hugely popular in corporate offices and in businesses looking to add some intrigue and imagination to their presentation.

There is literally no limit to the applications of our wall art stickers, decals and tattoos!

Easy-to-Use, Removable and Scalable Wall Art Stickers

All of our wall art stickers are fully removable, allowing you to change your children’s room décor as they grow and their tastes evolve. And the same applies to you! What you might consider fun and inspiring this year might change over time and when that happens, you can safely (without damaging your walls) remove the vinyl wall art and choose something else

All of our designs come in three different sizes and a palette of different colours, which you can choose to match your home’s design theme. You can also select which direction you’d like your wall art sticker to face.

Looking For Inspiration?

On our website you will find a handsome suite of categories for wall art stickers, which you can peruse for inspiration. Alternatively, if you have a unique, custom wall art sticker or decal design in mind you can Contact Us with your idea to see if we can make it a reality (and in almost all cases, we can!) Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have and if you’re ready to place your wall art order, being with Requesting A Quote by clicking on the link provided.

We also have a branch in the U.K www.wallartstudios.co.uk