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Actual colours may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor colour restrictions. The sizes indicated for the design are the overall area it will cover.

Swirly Tree Owls Hedgehog Squirrel & Bugs

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Tree currently Violet Purple: (Currently: Violet Purple)
Grass, Leaves etc currently Lime Green: (Currently: Lime Green)
All currently Magenta: (Currently: Magenta)
All currently Baby Blue: (Currently: Baby Blue)
All currently Soft Pink: (Currently: Soft Pink)
All currently Yellow: (Currently: Yellow)
White eyes: (Currently: White)
Black eyes & Bees: (Currently: Black)

Swirly Tree Owls Hedgehog Squirrel & Bugs! Our decals are NOT printed and are vibrant and longer lasting than digital prints and do not curl back. All elements are separate cut outs and can be spaced/placed anywhere you would like them.

Sizes indicated are for the tree, these are the sizes for the Hedgehog & Squirrel

Size A – Hedgehog = 26w x 18h cm, Squirrel = 33w x 28h cm

Size B – Hedgehog = 32w x 22h cm, Squirrel = 40w x 35h cm

Size C – Hedgehog = 40w x 27h cm, Squirrel = 48w x 42h cm