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Incredible Hulk Wall Decal

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Black outline: (Currently: Black)
Hulk Pants: (Currently: Violet Purple)
Hulk Body: (Currently: Lime Green)
Teeth: (Currently: White)

Bring your boy’s favourite comic book heroes to life with this exciting wall art decal of The Hulk! Teeth bared, muscles rippling and fist just about tearing out the wall, this wall art sticker is larger than life and an action-packed focal point for your son’s bedroom or playroom. Die-hard fans of the Marvel comic book series might also fancy a wall art sticker of The Hulk in their entertainment room, office or drawing room, so there’s really no limit on the audience for this colourful and dynamic artwork! Customize your Hulk wall art sticker by choosing a unique colour for his skin, outline, pants and teeth.