Wall Art Custom design

How Wall Art Decals are made!

Our wall art decals are cut from a high quality matte finish vinyl. We cut them out on big machines and then we weed out the pieces that then form the design! Have a look at this video to give you an idea of how much work we put into our decals/stickers. We also do custom wall art decals if you can’t find what you are looking for on our website. Any other queries please email us: [email protected]



Dr Suess Custom wall art designs for a client, it was so much fun doing this wall art project! I grew up reading Dr Suess books and still read them! I have so many other custom wall decal designs which we will upload as we go! We have recently done a Tin Tin and Asterix and Obelix custom project, I  can’t wait to post the pics! They are EPIC! We also have a branch in the U.K www.wallartstudios.co.uk

Dr Suess wall art decal, the more that you read, custom wall art, oh the places you go, dr seuss

This Dr Seuss custom designs was for the same client in his daughter’s bedroom! You are youer than you! Such an awesome Dr Seuss quote!

Dr Suess wall art decal, Dr Seuss wall stickers, you are youer than you wall art

And this has to be one of my favourite Dr Seuss quotes, such an epic inspirational saying! He is my all time favourite kids/ adult author!

Dr Seuss custom designs

This Dr Seuss custom designs did for Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town, unfortuntelay i didn’t take pics of the others but the ladies LOVED it!

Dr Seuss custom designs, bishops diocesan college

Please email us for your favourite Dr Suess quote and we will design something so amazing! [email protected]


Lucky Luke Urinal design, added a bit of fun to the men’s loo!

Lucky Luke custom wall art design

Bit of challenge this one! They asked for something out there and fun, said I had complete Carte Blanche, so this really cool wall art decal or sticker, as some say, was lots of fun designing.

For more info or a quote: [email protected]

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones wallart

Skeren imports and distributes brand name watches and more, so I had to use this 🙂

For more info or a quote: [email protected]

Custom watch design on the meeting room and office spaces  floating glass “walls”

Boardroom glass

Staying in the time theme we designed and applied this watch design in white wall art vinyl on all the glass. You can also use sandblasted vinyl to create any custom wall art design you want! A much better way to stop people walking into the glass!

For more info or a quote: [email protected]

Disney Princesses and Tiara 

Disney Princesses

A custom design with Princess Belle, Jasmine, Snow White and Aurora with butterflies and stars. We have more Disney Princesses available on request.

More info or quote: [email protected]

Princess Crown

The Tiara is available on our website, you must include your little princesses name when you place your order.

Sexy Sally Design

Sexy sally custom wallart

Sexy Sally Custom Design

Sexy sally wall art sticker on her sexy scooter! Custom design and added a few flowers to make it look sexier.

More info or quote: [email protected]

Mr Linea

The employee canteen bar! Added some fun by using Mr Linea. See our Catoegory, Patterns, borders and frames to order your fab Mr Linea

More info or quote: [email protected]

Hadjidakis Head office

The directors office, wall painted a charcoal grey and we then applied some white and silver wall art circles.

More info or quote: [email protected]

Hadjidakis Management Reception

Management Reception, using the same circle design but in taupe and sage.

kitchen detail

Here we added a little butterfly and daisy wall art detail in the kitchen

Kitchen custom words

This custom wall art design was on the other side of the kitchen wall and we made it in as many different languages as we could! Unfortunately you can’t see the white bits and flowers.

More info or quote: [email protected]

Custom floral

Custom abstract Floral design in black and red, wall was painted white with the red and black vinyl wall art stickers applied over the white.

For more information or a quote please email us: [email protected]

Allan Gray Oak Tree

5m wide x 3m high Custom designed wall art Oak Tree for Allan Gray head office in Cape Town. Each employee, past and present, was given an acorn made from wall art vinyl with their name on it. They all has to place them on the tree! As soon as we get more photo’s we will add them!

Email us for a quote with your sizes or even send us a photo of your wall that you would like to apply the vinyl decal/sticker to and we will superimpose the design onto your photo!

[email protected]


Nampak R&D had just had a really stunning Innovation room, kind of a “Think Tank” done in Epping and they wanted some inspirational custom Wallart stickers and vinyl decals! Funny enough, it was my faithful little car that got me the job!! I’m not going to get into the whole long story…. but here are some pics of the final result! We customised some of our designs to suit the area.

This is the Computer station as you walk in on the left. I will now take you on a little tour around the room wall by wall.

Feature wall in chill area.

What I tried to accomplish here is a bit of everything in life and what Nampak is. A Tree of Life.


Another pic showing the feature wall. The round table where they come up with all their innovative ideas! This is the the left of their interactive screen!

A close up of the bees and daisy’s! this runs right around the room at the bottom, they have used fake grass as their carpet!


This wall is to the right of their screen and I used circles and dots for a bit of fun!!


All in all, I think it came out fabulously and am quite relieved it is DONE!

My next project is quite a bit bigger and I will be psoting pics as we go along! THIS ONE IS VERY EXCITING AS WELL!

This was a tricky custom wallart decal design as there is a whole lot of wall space to cover without making it look cluttered! The client, Richard Loring,  was quite specific about what he wanted and I had to somehow put this to paper and custom design the wallart stickers and decals! The initial design process approximately 2 months!

This one is the first of 4 walls, we had to create a feeling of a busy restaurant at all times!

This is the second wall on their deck outside the restaurant…

It isn’t finished yet! but what I wanted to accomplish here was to make it look vibey at all times! I designed a whole bunch of people sitting and doing what most people do when they socialise! EAT, DRINK, BE MERRY!! Pretty nifty hey? The canopy of trees are also wall art vinyl stickers or decals as some prefer to call them! Even niftier……


Now this one is pretty cool! Love the sexy lady flirting away with the dude! Check out my awesome champagne cooler? FABULOUS, so Seapoint!

Flowers still need their yellow bits!

Here we have an awesome band with Baby Grand, sultry singer and some funky musicians! Some of the detail was incomplete when I took this pic, but I couldn’t wait! I’ll definetly post the complete pic soon as it is simply divine!


Well, this is one of my favourites! I took an old picture of the Adderley street flowers sellers circa 1800’s,  photoshopped it to fit it in a 9 x 1.7m space added a splash of colour to the flowers and Voila! This was a digital print whihc we outsourced to another company for printing, click here for more info on digital printing Contact us


I AM DONE FOR THE DAY! There is so much more but I’ll get to that next week! Off to the winelands for a bit of fun!